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Not a day passes by that ur not on my mind..

...I miss You so much.

♥ Rachelle.
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I'm Rachelle I'm 21 I graduated from Alvirne High with the class of 2OO7! I attended NCC for my pre-reqs. for nursing. I now attend Salter School and Allied Nursing for my LPN I will be done in October of 2011. Then I will have one more year and I will have my RN! Cannot wait! I am an LNA and love it. My Friends and family are my life and I would be lost without them. I love the beach, the summer, taking pictures, my puppy Bruno and my two cats Calvin and Dunkin. I'm outgoing and really loud at times but I guess that's the Italian in me..

I miss you Uncle P.
62-04. I love you.

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